My 9-Year-Old is Writing a Book

13687559314_242d3ee1fe_zMy 9-year-old son Kaden used to hate writing. He has underdeveloped fine motor skills, so for him, writing is work.

I’ve worked with him to strengthen his fine motor skills through activities at home and writing out his homework, but it has been an uphill battle. He complains that his hands hurt and is usually upset and frustrated by the time he’s finished.

Kaden also has a speech delay. Between speech and occupational therapy, he sees five specialists a week. To help with his speech, Kaden and I read to each other. Kaden loves stories! Especially, scary ones. He is working his way through the Goosebumps books and I recently finished reading the Bunnicula series to him.

I discovered last year, when I began writing my first novel, that he is also interested in writing stories and has an idea for a series of books.

He came up with a concept and has begun world-building and developing characters. Now my son, who hates writing, is filling up notebooks with ideas. I’m having him write everything out long-hand in his notebooks and then type his notes up on the computer. He’s seen me work so he knows this is my process but what he may not know, is that he is also getting fine motor exercise.

Kaden plans to further develop his ideas and outline the story. I love his ideas. He won’t let me share any details about the book he is writing (“no hints mom!” he says) but this is the kid who, at three-years-old, told me a story about a ghost living in his chocolate chip cookie.  His imagination knows no bounds. When he’s all done with outlining, I will write it out for him and then read it to him at bedtime.

I’m excited to help him write his story.  I love being able to share writing with my son. The way his face lights up over a new idea makes me smile. The best part is that all this fun is good for him and is making him stronger inside and out.

I’m one lucky mama.


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