I’m Hitting Newsstands, Baby!

Last year I submitted an article to the international roller derby magazine Five on Five. I skated with Apple City Roller Derby for three years before retiring January of this year. My derby name was Gory B. Movie #NC-17 and I was known as the girl with the scary facepaint. My article “Derby Makeup: How to Create a Killer Look” is about how I developed my skater persona with the help of my son and how new skaters can do the same. I also recommend makeup and detail how to apply it and make it bout-proof.

Here is a snippet. Five on Five is sending me a copy and I will be posting an update with pics of the magazine in all its shiny glory.

Gory B Movie
My season two skater head shot. I’m wearing my Billy the Puppet makeup inspired by the Saw films
(JP Portrait Studio)

EXCERPT: “They’re gonna eat you alive.” That’s what my seven-year-old son said when I started playing roller derby. I would never admit it to my kid, but he was right.

I’m a mommy. I worked in customer service. Moreover, with my braces and pigtails, I was the furthest thing from intimidating. I thought about all the skaters I admired, those women who were larger than life. Skaters like Betty Ford Galaxy (BFG) of the Rat City Roller Girls in Seattle, WA. I watched BFG in the documentary Blood on the Flat Track. During interviews, she was poised and polite, but on the track, with her face painted like Ace Frehley from the band Kiss, she was this vibrant, crazy, rock star. “I like it because I like feeling like a superhero,” BFG told me recently.

I started playing around with face paint and developing a derby persona of my own. For me, wearing face paint helps to get my head in the game. As Hooky Helraiser of the Snake Pit Derby Dames in Coeur d’Alene, ID put it, “wearing my face paint takes all the pressure off the crowd. With my make-up you can’t tell if I’m smiling or not, plus it adds to the intimidation factor which in roller derby is always a fun add on.”

Read the full article in the Spring 2014 issue of Five on Five magazine. ON SALE NOW!


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