My Blogish Identity Crisis

Hayley KnightenSo, you may have noticed that I changed the title of my blog to Books are Delicious. As someone who follows many blogs, I find that I am drawn to those that tell me exactly what to expect from the blog in the title. Hence the change.

But I’m conflicted.

I started this blog because I read that a successful writer needs a home base online for their work and projects in-development. Initially, I named the blog after myself because a marketing friend I consulted said that would help establish my identity as a writer. I’ve thought about this a lot and for established authors or those who have completed a book, this makes sense. This also seems right for those who have focused their blogs on writing. The problem is that I don’t want to just post about writing.

I’ve been happily blogging away about writing and reading. To me, these go hand-in-hand since I aspire to write a novel because I love novels. I also think that reading makes for better writing. So, since I post about books in addition to writing, I renamed my blog.

The trouble with this is, that I keep reading that a blog should have a focus and many of the blogs I follow are either book blogs or writer blogs. So, which am I? And is it okay to be both? And if I can be both, what should I call this crazy writing/book blog thing? Should it have my name to help establish myself as a writer or should it have a bookish name like Books are Delicious so my fellow book lovers can find me?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts! 


18 thoughts on “My Blogish Identity Crisis”

  1. I think your name is great – plus, from the authors I follow, either on twitter or blogs – their comments and posts are varied and not just constrained to their books. Plus, you want to build a following of book lovers who will then also have a rapport with you as an author.
    Lynn 😀

  2. Oh, man, when I first started blogging, I had the hardest time with this exact concept! I look writing reviews, but my blog was a platform for pretty much anything and everything, even back then. (I confess, my blog doesn’t have an exact “focus” clearer than “my adventures in life which just so happen to include writing” haha.) I even posted about it.

    In the end, since the name for me is something that pertains to writing, I created another blog where I am strictly a reviewer and leave the rest to my main blog. I’ve seen the two combined in other blogs, and it’s something I wish I could’ve just swallowed and done myself, but I also find it refreshing to keep the two separate.

    Moral of the story? Do your own damned thing. We’re readin’ either way.

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