My Writing Process Blog Hop

Power of WordsA big thank you to Britt from Twintype Books LLC for tagging me in this writing process blog hop! Anyone looking for a great writer blog to follow should check out her site!

What Am I Working On?

I am working on an urban fantasy werewolf novel called Pup about a woman whose son is bitten by a werewolf. There’s more to the plot but I don’t want to give too much about it away until I’ve finished it. I’m nearly done revising it and am looking forward to moving on to the final draft. I am also working with my son on a middle-grade children’s novel called Daemon the Demon.  My son and I came up with the characters and then he maps out what he wants to happen in each chapter. Then I take his draft and write it out. I love working with him. He has a fantastic imagination!

How Does My Work Differ From Others of Its Genre?

I have carried Pup with me for years. It is very personal and while on one level it has all the horror and action you’d expect, it also deals with so much of what it means to be a mother, particularly of a sick child. There is a grieving period that parents go through when they find out that despite doing everything in their ability and loving their child immensely that they cannot protect their children from the worst of the world. I went through this with my son when he was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease. I realized that the only way I could help my son was to let go of my ideals of what his life should be and accept the life he was given.

My character must do the same when she realizes that her son has been turned and that the human life she wanted for him: school dances, friends, going away to college are gone and that she needs to grieve that loss and move on or risk losing her son forever. This may all seem a little deep for a book about werewolves, but I think the moment we as writers start telling ourselves that we are writing just a werewolf book or just a vampire book or what have you, we sell ourselves short. The original legends of so many of these supernatural creatures were stories told to explain some of our most basic fears. To me, it seems only fitting that our modern-day versions of these monsters serve the same purpose.

Why Do I Write What I Write?

I have always been a fan of horror and the supernatural. My favorite stories are ones that blend multiple genres. My favorite television show to this day is Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it was able to blend horror, comedy, romance, action and drama so beautifully.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

This is my first novel so I am learning as I go. I have learned so much about myself through trial and error. I’ve learned that I am a thorough outliner. I sketch out the plot first in a notebook then I transfer it to index cards in my Scrivener program. I make one for each scene. I also draw up some basic character and setting profiles. Once I have the story laid out, then I go through and write each scene until the draft is complete. For me, working out the story before I write my rough draft eliminates much of the constant worrying I used to do over plot points and scenes. I hate realizing that a scene doesn’t work after I’ve written it and then having to throw it out. This also helps as I write because then I am free to enjoy the process of writing, trusting that I have a map of where I am going and that I’m not going to write myself into a corner. ‘Cause no one puts baby in a corner. Not even me.

Tag People!

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