Buffyverse Comics Reading Marathon!

I’ll be reviewing the new Buffyverse comics for WatchPlayRead. I’m more than a little Buffy obsessed, so I’m very excited to get started but first, I have some reading to do. I want to reread the entire Buffyverse series which includes: Angel: After the Fall, Spike, Buffy Seasons 8 & 9 and the Angel & Faith comics. I’ve fallen behind on my comic book reading so some of these I will be reading for the first time. Most of these I’ve read but many of them I read out-of-order so the refresher will do me good.


Anyone familiar with these comics knows that there are a lot of crossovers, mini-series and off-shoots so it is somewhat difficult to know what the reading order is. Luckily, after much Google searching I came across a list that looks about right. Here’s a link.

Once I’ve completed my reading marathon, I will be all set for the new releases in May. Current Buffyverse titles are Angel & Faith and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10.

In other reading news, I have a couple of book series I need to catch up on as well. Once I’m finished with the Buffy comics, I’ll marathon the Beautiful Creatures series to prepare for the May 20th release of Dangerous Creatures. Then the Mortal instruments series so that I’ll be all caught up before City of Heavenly Fire comes out May 27th.

Now I want to hear from you! Do you read the Buffy comics or are you a fan of the show? Also, are you looking forward to Dangerous Creatures and/or City of Heavenly Fire?


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