Buffyverse Comics Reading Marathon Update: Angel & Spike After the Fall

I’m pulling my nose out of my comics to post an update on my progress and reviews on the books I’ve read so far. Also, when I’m done with the series I will be posting a Buffyverse reading order list for those of you who  have fallen behind in the series or are interested in starting it. I have these collected in comic book form (with the exception of Fray) but you can also find them as graphic novels.

Here’s what I read yesterday:

51T6UnHjKDL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Fray (Issues 1-8)

Fray is the chosen one of the future. While the world has become something out of Blade Runner, some things never change, there are still vampires, demons, forces of darkness and, as it all began, one girl to stop them all. There is so much to love about this series: detailed world-building, unique characters, and beautiful illustrations. I would love to see this become a movie some day. Fray reappears in Buffy Season 8: Time of Your Life so I recommend reading this first.  Fray is one of my favorite series (as well as one of my favorite characters) and a must-read for fans of BTVS, science fiction and dystopian. 

WRITTEN BY: Joss Whedon
ILLUSTRATED BY: Karl Moline, Andy Owens, Dave Stewart, & Michelle Madsen
RELEASED: January 2001 (issue #1)

Find the graphic novel on Goodreads, Amazon & TFAW. Comics available from Dark Horse.

2249571Angel: After the Fall vol. 1 (Issues 1-5)

I loved the television show so it is wonderful to see what became of the characters after the season finale. While Joss Whedon’s involvement with the plot is evident, this reads more in the style of his work with Marvel then what fans of the show are used to.

For starters, Angel has traded in his Plymouth GTX for a fire-breathing dragon that he flies around LA on. Yeah, it’s awesome.

The story is bigger and more fantastic. It is beyond anything that would have been possible on the television show. I enjoyed it though I do miss the realism of the TV show. Episodes that dealt with the world as I know it with demons under the surface were my favorite. Episodes like I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Smile Time, Waiting in the Wings and I Will Remember You.

Writer Brian Lynch’s brings his own style to the writing. I’m loving his sass and humor. He writes Angel less broody and more snarky. We’ve seen some of this in the show but in the comics it is more consistent and at times has more bite, sort of a cross between Angel and Angelus.  However, it is the apocalypse and Angel has many new reasons to make himself seem unaffected by the destruction of the world around him.

Fans of the show will enjoy this one and if you haven’t seen the show, crawl out from under the rock where you’ve been hiding and watch the TV series before you pick up After the Fall. This series is canon with the show and won’t make any sense if you haven’t watched the episodes.

WRITTEN BY: Brian Lynch, Joss Whedon (plotting)
RELEASED: November 2007 (issue #1)

Find the graphic novel on Goodreads, Amazon & TFAW.

3058907Angel: After the Fall vol.2- First Night (Issues 6-8)

Angel: After the Fall vol. 1 started after the apocalypse was well under way. As the title suggests, First Night takes us back to television series finale and shows us how each of the main characters found themselves in their current predicaments.

First Night is separated into mini stories, each only a few pages long, each named for the character they follow, and each with a unique look and feel to match. I particularly enjoyed the Lorne story. The art looks like an old cartoon and reads like a Dr. Seuss book.

There are many shout outs to the television series including a character that we haven’t seen on the show since the early seasons, Kate Lockley.

I highly recommend this to anyone that was disappointed with the Angel television series finale. First Night ties up all the loose story ends and leads nicely into the new conflicts introduced in the Angel: After the Fall series.

WRITTEN BY: Brian Lynch, Joss Whedon (plotting)
RELEASED: April 2008 (issue #6)

Find the graphic novel on Goodreads, Amazon & TFAW.

18949605Spike: After the Fall (Issues 1-4)

Spike: After the Fall  is my favorite of the After the Fall series so far. This installment continues where First Night left off. The story follows Spike and Illyria from the television cliffhanger up to where Angel runs into him at the grotto with a harem of loyal Spike followers in Angel: After the Fall.

Brian Lynch does a fantastic job of writing Spike. The character is every bit as enjoyable as he was on the television series. Lynch also writes fantastic dialogue and he’s managed to do the impossible: he writes Angel’s son Connor in such a way that I am beginning to like him. With talent like that imagine what he could do with annoying BTVS characters like Dawn or Riley or dare I say it? Kennedy.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves Spike. You won’t be disappointed!

WRITTEN BY: Brian Lynch
RELEASED: July 2008 (issue #1)

Find the graphic novel on Goodreads & Amazon.

Next in my marathon will be the continuation of Angel: After the Fall and Brian Lynch’s Spike series! Leave a comment below to share in the Buffy love! Also, if you’ve read these books, I’d love to hear your thoughts and if not, are they on your TBR?


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