Meeting Best-Selling Author Marissa Meyer

I met fellow writer and awesome blogger, Kathryn St John-Shin at the Marissa Meyer signing. I’ve been meaning to post about this as well but have been swamped this week! Post coming soon!

Kathryn St. John's Writing World


Let me first say how AWESOME it was to meet Marissa Meyer! She was friendly and fun and her main interests coincided with mine to such an extent that I’m pretty sure, had we grown up in the same school, we would’ve been great friends.

Sailor Moon (I wonder if she likes other anime?), fanfiction, fairy tales, mermaids (Disney’s The Little Mermaid to be precise), writing since childhood, reading (similar authors I mean), Star Wars, etc.

(Side Note: If you’re interested in reading her Sailor Moon fanfiction, her penname is Alicia Blade.)

Having not grown up even remotely near each other and her being famous while I’m pretty much a nobody, I think it’s safe to say we’ll never be friends. If she took a chance on one of her oodles of fans I think we’d hit it off pretty well but I know enough not to try or…

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