May Birthday Book Haul


So you may have noticed that I was MIA for much of last week. This is partly because it was my birthday (woot!) and because I have two book tours that I’m participating in for WatchPlayRead, so I’ve had a ton of reading to catch up on. I’m hoping next week, after the book tours are over, that I can get some reviews posted. In the meantime, check out all my new books!

Birthday Books!

The Walking Dead Graphic Novels
by Robert Kirkman


I’m behind on the series because I like to wait until I’ve collected a few to read back-to-back. For my birthday, I received volumes #16-18. I’m excited to read these! I reread the entire series at the start of the year and really liked where the series is going. From what I’ve read in reviews the next volume sets a much-needed change of pace for the series and offers a glimmer of hope to the survivors when they meet a stranger that wants them to join him in rebuilding society. There have been a few of these moments in past volumes where the group finds what they think is a place where they can begin new lives only to have the rug pulled out from underneath them and are then attacked or double-crossed. I’m hoping these volumes will be a turning point for the series and not a repeat of the Governor storyline.

Side note: I never noticed before that the zombies in the cover images line up. Have they always done this? I’m going to have to pull out all my old volumes and check.

Buffy Season 8, Volume 3 Hardcover
by Joss Whedon


Yay! Just what I needed for my Buffyverse marathon! I have this volume in comic book form, but I was missing the Dark Horse Presents Harmony issues. Also, I LOVE these big, beautiful hardback editions. The illustrations look so vibrant and I notice hidden Easter eggs in the background that I missed the first time around. This volume includes the story arcs Predators and Prey and Retreat. It also has a ton of one-shots. I’m reviewing the Buffyverse comics for WatchPlayRead so I will be starting this volume just as soon as I finish my review of Volume 2 (hopefully tonight or tomorrow).


Book Tours

Awesome Jones
by AshleyRose Sullivan


WatchPlayRead, the online entertainment magazine I write for, hooked me up with this one for a book tour. I finished it last weekend and posted a review of it yesterday that you can read here. Awesome Jones is an ordinary guy that dreams of becoming a superhero, but when destiny calls he must choose to continue his simple life with the girl he loves or risk it all to save the world and live up to his name. I was given a few books to choose from for this tour and chose this one because I love comics and superheros. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of depth and world-building in Awesome Jones and highly recommend it to fans of superheroes and fairy tales.


Olde School
by Selah Janel

This is another one that I got from WatchPlayRead for a book tour. The review is scheduled for this coming Monday so I better hurry up and finish this before I go out-of-town for Crypticon (a horror movie convention) this weekend. So, far it reminds me of Jim Henson’s work particularly Labyrinth. Check back next week for my full review.



by Michelle Krys


I haven’t read too many witchy books I like, but I did like the movie The Craft and the description for this book said it’s similar. However, reviews from my fellow bloggers have not been all that great so my expectations are fairly low.  This one releases June 10th so I will be reading it very soon.


The Immortal Crown
by Richelle Mead

I requested this one because I like the Vampire Academy series and because Richelle Mead is a local author. However, I didn’t realize that this book is a sequel. I have so much to read this month that I don’t think I will be able to track down the first book and read this before the May 29th release date. Also, the plot sounds like the kind of convoluted science fiction dystopian tale that usually fails to interest me. If you are reading this series, please let me know what you think of it. It’s highly reviewed on Goodreads so, while I may not get to it in time for the release, I may keep it on my TBR to read later this year.


by Auralee Wallace


I was ridiculously excited to be approved for this one from Netgalley. It releases June 1st so I will be starting it as soon as I finish Olde School. It is about a wealthy girl that wants to be a superhero. She tries to apprentice under an established superhero but is turned down until her connections make her an asset to the cause. Now, she has less than a month to learn the ropes and save the city. This sounds awesome and is supposed to be similar to Kick Ass which I really enjoyed. I’m looking forward to reading this!



9 books altogether! And the best part? I didn’t have to buy any of them! Woot! *Happy book dance*

Now I want to hear from you! What new books did you get this month and have you read any of these books or will you be adding any of these to your TBR? Also, which of these books would you like me to read and review first?


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