Productivity at Camp NaNoWriMo

I feel so productive! Day 1 and not only did I exceed my word count, but here I am posting about it. I also managed to clean my house while I was at it–mostly because for me, the hardest part about writing is getting my butt in the chair and getting started. So, yeah, I cleaned and then at the absolute last minute I got to work. It was slow going at first but with a bit of perseverance, a lot of coffee and a splash of rum I exceeded yesterdays goal of 967 words and wrote 1,080 words. I also finished the scene I was working on.


One thing I do when I finish a scene at the end of my writing day, is write the first few lines of the next scene as well while I’m still in my writing groove. That way, when I start today those first couple of lines will act as a writing prompt and will hopefully make it so I can dive right in. Hopefully.

In other news, my cabin mates are doing very well. They’re all WordPress bloggers as well, so if you’re participating in nano or you just like reading about it, then head on over to their pages and give them a follow. Also, if you’re participating in nano this month and would like to join a cabin of 9 awesome WordPress bloggers, leave your username and I’ll send you an invite. My cabin mates are (with links to their blogs): Sierra (Permashift), Victoria (Coffee. Write. Repeat), Jay (I Read Encyclopedias for Fun), Winter Bayne, Caroline S. Sibley, JR (Ellipsis), and Phil (The Phil Factor).

Total Words Written in July: 1080
Goal for this point: 957
Manuscript total: 68,393
How I feel about writing today:

Now I want to hear from you! How is your writing going? Did you make your word count?


22 thoughts on “Productivity at Camp NaNoWriMo”

  1. I haven’t written anything since the day BEFORE Camp began but I’m still over my goal (starting at 4096 or something like that) so… yes? I hope to be able to write more tonight though now that my migraine is gone. Congrats on writing so much (great idea with the scenes!) and for cleaning the house! I need to do that…

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