Being a Unicorn Chest-Burster and Getting Out the Words

I swore I wouldn’t let it happen to me. I told myself that I would stay the course, but I gave in. I socialized. Don’t be social, kids. Writing a novel in a month and interacting with other humans in a face-to-face capacity does not a novel make. (See that? Even my sentences are all wonky now.)

What happened was that I took a day off for the 4th of July and then that turned into a couple more days because I had company in town and then my kid had all these needs that required parenting and then before you know it, I was behind over 5,000 words.

If I had efficient time management skills, I could have done the parenting, socializing and the writing. I have heard of mythical creatures that can accomplish this task (I’m pretty sure unicorns can), but I’m not too worried. I’ve written more than 5,000 words in a day before and I’m sure I can catch up if I get started tonight.

I have a good feeling about this. Today I took time for myself and read, watched some vlogs, and listened to music from the playlist I created for my novel. That was just what I needed. A Vlog Brothers video I watched today reminded me how lucky we are to have the time and freedom to write and how awesome it is that we have stories in our heads and the ability to write them down.

I’m feel inspired and I’m confident that I will catch up. Like ALL OF THE WORDS are going to erupt from me like the chest burster from Alien or Spaceballs! I’m just gonna word explosion all over the place so you might want to duck and run for cover or else you’re gonna get words all over you. Or maybe the words will just do a song and dance number and be on their way. You never can tell.

Total Words Written in July: 3,104
Goal for this point: 8,709
Manuscript total: 70,428
How I feel about writing today:

Now I want to hear from you! How is your writing going and when you fall behind what gets you amped to get back on track?


29 thoughts on “Being a Unicorn Chest-Burster and Getting Out the Words”

  1. “Also, I can kill you with my brain.” – I too find firefly very inspirational.
    Being social is totally over-rated.

  2. I was behind the last couple days but last night managed to catch up. We still have tons of time! And I feel like you can’t really force creativity, we’ll have our good and bad days. Not like I have any experience here as this is my first “creative work,” but it sure does sound like a good excuse 🙂

    1. I try to write something even if I’m not feeling especially inspired. Having at least something written down gives me material to work with and polish in revision. But when I’m really stuck, sometimes I will just read instead or listen to music.

      1. I almost went that route tonight! I stumbled upon an awesome soundtrack though and it’s gotten me geared up a bit again. It’s so interesting the impact music can have on you – my husband doesn’t get it, he says music doesn’t illicit an emotional response from him. Sometimes I really wonder. . .

  3. pfft I fall behind all the time. I don’t let it get me down. So long as I keep going I’m making progress no matter how small. A little here, a little there and before you know it you’re done! I will sit at my computer for at least 15 minutes every day and try to write even if the writing is total crap. Except for right now of course as I’m putting my new story together. Making excellent progress on that now too! WOO! 😀

    1. That’s pretty much my thoughts on it. I only really get on myself when I don’t write at all. Usually, I try to at least write a sentence and tell myself that even a sentence is progress but usually that turns into two sentences and then three and so on. The hardest part is just sitting down and making the commitment to write. I tend to put it off until the kiddo is in bed, before my husband comes home from work. I love that quiet time.

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