Crypticon Seattle Convention is Summer Camp for Horror Nerds

I spent this last weekend in Seattle at the Crypticon horror convention. As a horror fan it was amazing! I participated in panels, met Christine (yeah, the car) and Ted White, who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th part 4. Other notable guests were the Soska Sisters, Sid Haag and Denise Crosby. Needless to say, I was a little starstruck, but the book fangirl in me was most eager to meet and interview horror authors.

Dan and Hayley with ChristineI sat in on a reading held by Evil Girlfriend Media and was entreated to a charming children’s book called Death’s Daughter and the Basket of Kittens by Martha Hull about Death’s daughter Belladonna and her four cats Pestilance, Strife, Famine and Fluffy. I loved it and I may need to find myself a copy for Gory’s Story Time on my YouTube channel Horror Addicts.

Speaking of Horror Addicts, we’ve been busy making horror movie reviews and parodies. One of our most recent was a parody/review of Alien that we filmed for Mother’s Day. This review was a load of fun and gave me an opportunity to put my stuffed facehugger, chestburster and xenomorph on film. Also check out my son (we call him LOLZ on the channel) as the mad scientist that extracts the chestburster from me.

But back to Crypticon! I had an opportunity to chat with Jennifer Brozek of Evil Girlfriend Media about books and writing, specifically what editors looking for. I will be posting the interview within in the next week or two. Writers, check out their site and read up on how to submit your work and don’t miss the article where I will share everything I learned from Brozek including a few helpful sites to help you gauge the market and the tropes Brozek refuses to publish (here’s a hint, if you’re writing about vagina dentata you might want to seek another publisher).

I mentioned during the interview that my favorite book of 2014 was Craig DiLouie’s vampire novel, Suffer the Children and was very surprised when she told me that he was at the event and offered to introduce me. Be proud of me fellow book lovers, I played it cool, but efforts to appear professional masked a fair amount of fangirling. I had an opportunity to sit with DiLouie and interview him about his amazing novel. DiLouie was a true pleasure to interview and I’m very excited to follow up with him via Skype tonight. Expect that interview up in the next week. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, read Suffer the Children!

I am also working on an article about my weekend at Crypticon with all the knowledge, fun, and nerdy details you crave. This will be up in the next few days on this site as well as the online entertainment magazine I write for WatchPlayRead.

Also in the works are reviews of Under Dark Skies and The Moth Diaries. I have been getting a ton of review requests and was able to nab a few new books at Crypticon. On my reading list right now is The Ables by Jeremy Scott creator of the YouTube channel CinemaSins, Jennifer Brozek’s Caller Unknown, and The Litter by Kevin Doyle. Also, The Soul and Procession of Eternity by fellow blogger S. R. Carrillo (thanks, Sierra)!

Well, looks like I have some writing and reading to do! Check back soon for new content!


One thought on “Crypticon Seattle Convention is Summer Camp for Horror Nerds”

  1. You are a busy bee! I’m looking forward to all that good stuff! I’m particularly excited to see what you thought of The Moth Diaries. I watched the movie not too long ago and actually quite liked it. You should do a review of it on Horror addicts if you ever get the chance to watch it too. 😛 I wanna read the book as well. And also Suffer the Children which I think you reviewed previously and I’ve already added to my TBR based on that?

    Thanks for the shoutout. 😀

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