Does Books are Delicious Need a Blogging Schedule? I see an awesome blog or YouTube channel that displays their posting schedule I feel like I showed up to school and forgot my homework. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. If I’m inspired to write a post, I do and then post it right away. I usually post twice a week, but you never know when it’s coming. My next post could be behind you now. It’s not because that’s ridiculous, but you get the idea. It dawned on me though that you (yes, you!) may require more structure in your life.

I’ve been so inconsiderate. There you are pacing your room, wondering when the next post is and here I am just tossing content out there with as much thought as a monkey throwing dookie.

Or maybe you’re not, maybe you are just fine with our current whirlwind relationship and don’t want it to ever change.

But I don’t freakin’ know. I’m not a mind reader. So, please, help a girl out. Let me know what you think of blogging schedules and if you think I should get my act together and adopt one. If I do, I’ll probably pick every Tuesday. Because I like Tuesdays unless you don’t in which case tell me what you want already! I just want you to like me and read my nonsense.

Wow, that sounded crazy-needy, but no worries, right? You get me, so tell me whatcha want, what you really, really want and I’ll talk it over with my people and get back to you (my people is my dog just so you know).


22 thoughts on “Does Books are Delicious Need a Blogging Schedule?”

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