CHRISTINE: Movie vs Book Review & Interview with Owner Bill Gibson

Danny Knightmare interviews Christine’s life partner, Bill Gibson at Crypticon Seattle. Then Gory B. Movie joins him for a book vs movie review of Christine. Watch for the knowledge, watch for the laughs, watch because if you don’t, LOLZ will find you!

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2 thoughts on “CHRISTINE: Movie vs Book Review & Interview with Owner Bill Gibson”

  1. I went to school with guys like Buddy Repperton. So I can relate to King on that level, because that type of character appears again and again in different stories, which makes me think his childhood was full of Buddys. Mine was. Our world today might be more dangerous but they don’t make school bullies like they used to.

    Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the film. For one, it’s John Carpenter and King together. Hard to go wrong there. You guys mentioned the music in the film and for me, the soundtrack makes this film what it is but I would credit that more to Carpenter than King.

    Also, this film has Harry Dean Stanton and it’s nearly impossible to have a bad film with him in it.

    I have an original copy of the book. I collect King hardbacks but this is one that I’ve yet to read.

    1. Great comment! And yes Harry Dean Stanton is awesome! Loved him in Alien. I can relate to what you said about Buddys. I moved here when I was 10 from England and had an accent that made me the target of bullying. Makes me appreciate King’s work all the more.

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