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How I Get Ready For Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp starts tonight at midnight! I’m ready. I’ve got my bug spray, trail mix and everything I need to finish my novel in a month!


As I mentioned in my previous nano post. I won’t be starting a new novel for nano. Instead, I’m using nano to push me to finish the final act of the novel that I won November nano with.  My novel is called Pup and it is currently 67,313 words long. I figure 30,000 should be a sufficient goal to finish this first draft. It may even be more than I need but if I finish short than I will rewrite some scenes from another point-of-view or add additional scenes so that I have plenty of material to work with in revision.

Based on my experience with November nano, here are the nano essentials I can’t live without:

1. A nanowrimo calendar for my desktop wallpaper that tells me what today’s word count goal is. Since I couldn’t find one for July, I made one myself. If you like it, I’d be happy to adjust the word count to whatever your goal is and email you a copy. Just leave me a comment below and let me know.

camp nanowrimo calendar

2. Scrivener & an outline
. If you don’t have it already, download the free trial of Scrivener. It is hands down the best writing program I have ever come across and has increased my productivity exponentially. You can also get a discount on Scrivener if you win nanowrimo. In this one program you can write your manuscript, outline, format, take notes–and so much more! I made my outline a few months before November nano in Scrivener. I have a process for making my outline. If any of you are interested, I can make a tutorial on it. Here is a screenshot of my outline for act one.


3. Write or Die & Written Kitten:
I love Write or Die. It is a program that you can use free online. Simply enter your word count and your level of difficulty and start writing. If you stall too long between words, the screen will start to turn red and then a loud alarm will sound (you can choose from many horrible sounds–I use the crying babies one). WOD also has a neat feature called word wars where you can challenge a friend over the internet and compete for the highest word count. There is now Write or Die 2 as well, which I haven’t tried yet but has loads of new features. WOD is highly motivating for my word sprints, but if you’d prefer a kinder option there is Written Kitten. Same concept only for every hundred words you are rewarded with a new picture of a cute kitty.


4. Snacks:
Now in November, I was unconcerned about healthy eating. I fed the writing machine whatever it craved so long as it continued to produce the words, however, for Camp Nano I’m trying something different. My writing buddy, Adrian and I are drying fruit and making trail mix as a healthy alternative to chocolate and potato chips. There will also be coffee….lots of coffee! And some ice water. Hydration is key. Snacks are also a highly motivating reward. Last November, my writing buddy and I had Daiquiri Fridays where we would reward ourselves with a strawberry daiquiri for every 1.000 words written.


5. A Playlist:
When I’m writing at home alone, I prefer the quiet but when I’m at a coffee shop or writing with a friend, I am easily distracted by the smallest of noises. At these times, I cue up my playlist and pop my headphones in. Listening to music also helps inspire me when I’m stuck. For Pup I’ve been listening to a lot of Apocalyptica.


Now I want to hear from you! What are your Camp NaNoWriMo Essentials?